Facebook Addiction

I was once a ‘Facebook Snob‘ and now, much to my horror, I have discovered I am a Facebook Addict.  Last week, I picked a large bowl of rich red ripe homegrown raspberries and found myself wishing I had someone to share this with.  Suddenly it hit me:  “FaceBook!  I could share a photo of my raspberries on Facebook!”

Prior to this occurance, I perceived Facebook Food Posts as a pathetic attempt to evoke jealousy within another.  I prided myself on the fact that I myself, had never before, posted pictures of what I was about to eat.

“I was better than that,” I thought.

I do not need, people to know, how well I cook or create meals

It was especially annoying when people preceeded their post with the word “Chez.”   I could never imagine myself (with my nose held high), posting a food photo on Facebook with the words “Chez Helena“.

At the time, I was, unbeknownst to me, a Facebook Snob.  It was only when I found myself wanting to post a photo of my raspberries that I realized, what a Snob I had become.  I became curious about why I wanted to post Facebook Food Photos, so off to google I went.  I was surprised (not) to learn that Facebook increases dopamine levels; a neurotransmitter implicated in addiction.

By posting a photo of my ‘food’ on Facebook, I discovered I had developed a new addiction.  I wondered, if my desire to post a Food Photo, indicated developing tolerance toward Facebook dopamine; something which will now require more and more postings.  Will I one day, require a Facebook Intervention?

Welcome to my blog:  WRITING

I will be writing and ‘sharing‘ (ha!) my thoughts about addiction, mental health and life.  I am a Masters Degree Prepared Nurse with 35 years of experience in mental health, surgical, medical, orthopedic, vascular and counseling of family systems with adolescents who abuse substances.  In the last 20 years, I have focused my practice on addiction, mental health and psychiatric nursing.  I am also a menopausal privileged white female  (hormone alert), who wishes to understand more.  It has been said, that addiction is a disease of wanting more.

My last position was as an Assistant Professor (12 years).  

I hope you enjoy my WRITING about all things Addictingly (is that even a word?) Mental.